Who is Behind Our Decisions?

You should be asking this question to yourself that too when you are alone!The answer to this question is very much needed if you are wanting a positive change in your life.Although no one thinks about it,our brain has already designed an internal system,which helps us in making decisions.This very system behaves like an invisible force,there by directing all our thoughts,actions and feelings both good and bad,every instance we live.It also controls how we analyze everything in our life and is largely driven by our subconscious mind.Most of the people never consciously set this system up.Rather than,it has been installed in us for years through different sources like parents,teachers and culture to name a few.
This system is comprised of five components:

1.Our core beliefs and unconscious rules.
2.Our life values.
3.Our references.
4.Questions we always ask ourselves.
5.Emotional states we experience every moment.
The combined relationship of these five elements develops a force which is responsible for stopping or taking actions,causing to anticipate or worry about what is going to happen,making us feel loved or rejected and determining our level of success and happiness.It also determines why we do what we do and why we do not do what we are badly needed to do!by changing any of these five elements,we can immediately produce a powerful or a substantial change in our life.The creamy part that has to be known is that we fight the CAUSE rather than EFFECTS!Like for example you are overeating on a regular basis,than the real cause is normally a value or belief problem rather than the problem of being often hungry!

So it is very essential to master the system of decision making by making simple changes to make it consistent with our desires - rather than continue to be controlled by our past mind conditioning.Thus developing ourself is a very fascinating journey of discovering who we are and what truly makes us to do what we do!We do not have to allow the programming of our past to control our present and future.Thus we can take a step today - reinventing ourself by systematically organising our beliefs and values in such a way that pulls us in the direction of our goals.